Friday, 30 December 2011

Tiny Winged Vampire Exterminator Brigade

Apparently I am a part of this....

Eve the ROCK seems to think so. Perhaps you are too. It's a complicated life we live/don't live in.

I hope everyone had a berable Christmas and the fireworks don't get banned on new year's eve.
I know we're all looking forward to the end of the world next year! I just hope that if there are superpowers getting handed out, I get some, because if I don't I will be very angry.
The Universe has been warned...


  1. This is Exterminator Eve, calling in from Solitude. Hehe. As a gift for your welcoming into the WVEB, I present to you.... a live chicken! *presents live chicken*

  2. Why thank you Eve. I am honoured. Truly I am.

  3. That is good. I think Sparky is too....yes, she is. I'm sure of it now. She might not agree, but she is. I'm not recruiting people like Sparky is with her Straight Jackets. This is a no-choice thing. If I deem that person worthy of killing mosquitoes with me and my Brigade, then yes, they will be an involuntary Tiny-Winged-Vampire-Exterminator, even if they don't want to. That is my system. Our mission: kill all mosquitoes.