Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Well Now.

What should I be doing now? I don't care. I'll just post some pictures....
 I love illusions. This one is really nice.

 Of course this guy reminds me of Fletcher (Skulduggery Pleasant reference there)

 Wouldn't anyone want wings?

 They definately don't make rubber ducks like they used to.

What I wouldn't do for this slice of cake...

That was fun. Next time I'll do some Signspotting pics.


  1. I HATE cake. Who doesn't hate cake?

    I would want wings! *raises hand*

  2. A lot of people don't hate cake eve.

    Wunderbar. Good luck getting wings. Let me know if you work it out.

  3. Oh. But...oh.

    No wings yet. But I DO have a live chicken. *eats live chicken*

  4. Oh good. At least you have that.