Sunday, 5 August 2012

Where art thou?

Ok so I'm painfully aware that I haven't been on the blog in ages. I'm sure I'm not badly missed but I thought I better let you all know what's been up.
Firstly I don't get much time on the computer and I used to spend a lot of that time here. I needed to cut down a bit.
Secondly I have been ambushed by the second half of year nine. My school has a program at this point that requires a shite-load of work and I have been inundated.
Thirdly I'm going to have to move house soon and it's been kind of stressful.
Fourthly I'm sorry. I'm going to take some time to sort through all the stuff I've missed on my dashboard. I might even get time on the weekend to chat.

The point is for the rest of this year I'm going to be pretty distant. Doesn't mean I'm not here (I might silently observe the craziness sometimes) but it does mean that I'm not on as much as I used to be.

I'll be back!

PS I'm also not happy because I can't go see Derek when he's in Melbourne. It's been booked out and I'm second on the waiting list for a cancellation. *shakes head* it was my own fault for booking too late. Anyway that's all. Have a picture. It'll make you laugh.


  1. I don't see you anymore anyway, but still.

    Hope moving houses ends up well for you, and that sucks about not getting to see Derek...

  2. Hi!

    Really? When I went to Dymocks last week, there was only 7 people on the list

    1. Well I emailed them asking for a booking and they said I had to go on a waiting list.
      I haven't heard anything else since then, which was also about a week ago.

      So who knows?