Monday, 11 June 2012

A Short Story From a Friend

One of my friends wrote a story. She's not a total English freak like us so it's really quite a big thing.
I asked if I could show it to you guys and she said yes. So here:

The Truth Is Told…

You’re staring at a piece of paper in front of you that your teacher just gave you, you sigh as you read what it says “what do you do when you get home?” you look at it for a while than you put your hand up, “yes Indi?” asks the teacher, “do you have to say the truth?” you ask “of course you do” says Miss Lynx, you look back down at the piece of paper and you read it again then you begin to write.

 when I get home I lock myself in my room and sit in my corner and wait till my dad gets home, as I hear him walk in I grab my knees and curl up in a ball and listen to him go off at mum, as I’m listening he gets closer and closer till he’s banging on the door yelling “OPEN THE BLOODY DOOR NOW!” I freeze as I got up; I was staring at the door till I got closer. I unlocked it and ran to my corner, he walks over to me yelling at me blaming me for everything, next thing I know I’m being picked up and thrown across the room, I hit the wall so hard it had a hole in it, I hit the ground with a thud he walks over and starts to kick me in the rib cage. After a while he stops and walks out.

 I slowly get up and walk over to my door and lock it, then I walk over to my corner and sit down. I sit there for hours playing with my knife till I hear mum and dad fighting again. I put my knife to my wrist and cut every time I heard my name (which was a lot), now there’s blood all up my arm and it’s time to go to bed. And that’s what I do when I get home.” I put my pen down and look at it and I think to myself “I’m 14 years old and I get thrown at walls most the time.” I get up and hand in my work I walk up to Miss Lynx as I’m handing it in I say “next time I’m just going to bleed to death.” I walk off leaving Miss Lynx to read my paper.

Tonight the same thing happens. After he leaves I go to my corner and cut my wrist deeper this time, as the blood leaks from my wrist my room starts to go black and as it gets darker and darker I hear police sirens outside my house, I whisper to myself, “sorry Miss Lynx but it’s too late I’m gone. Good-bye.” The police come up to my room where they find my body in my corner curled up in a ball. Miss Lynx walks in and stands there looking at me. She says to one of the police men, “she looks so peaceful.”


By abbey shields…

Let me know what you think!

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  1. Wow. It's so sad. But it is true. It's a beautifully written story. I think it goes well with the song "Concrete Angel" by Martina McBride.

    I like it. :)