Sunday, 4 March 2012

Story time is postponed

I know I told Nix it would be posted today. But I may have forgotten my dad's birthday in that equation.
So I'm sorry, but the longer I spend thinking about something; the better it gets.
In the meantime here's a really nice picture I found on Deviantart:


  1. Mah! Fah! Da! La! Qua! Ra!(Egyptian god of the sun) Wa! Ja! Ha! Ta! Pa! Ya! Sa! Xa! Za! Ba! Ca! Va! Na! Ka! Ga!
    Did i miss any?
    How, and im dissapointed Izz *shackes head dissapointedly*

  2. *frowns at peculiar ramblings*
    Did you miss any what? I am bewildered as to why you have expressed yourself so.

    I am sorry to disappoint. It is a shame. But it will be good when it's done.