Monday, 13 February 2012

Mist's profile of Lyra Blue.

For those of you who do not know; Lyra Blue is a character I made up a while ago for Derek Landy's competition. She has become a favourite of mine and recently I have let Zathract Mist and Nixion Strange (formerly Nobody) use her as a part of their stories. Check out their blogs if your interested. Nix is doing the first story and Mist is doing the sequel.
Zathract Mist has been kind and imaginative enough to write a full profile of Lyra. I have put it below.

Name: Lyra Blue

Age: 66 (looks twenties)

Magic: Adept

Adept Abilities: Varied: excellent with weapons, difficult to injure, harder to kill. Combat specialty.
Appearance: Lyra has jagged black silky hair that stretches to her shoulders. Her build is slim and has an average height and weight for a twenty year old. Her skin is pale and Lyra has dark brown eyes. She mostly wears clothes of black and red and seems to reserve white for special occasions.

Personality: Lyra is actually a bit paranoid and it is displayed publicly as she has at least six weapons on her at all times. She never trusts anyone under any circumstances and but observe people she could possibly count as allies while acting casual, not giving away the fact that she is watching them Blue is normally quiet unless selling something to earn herself a living.

History: Lyra has always loved martial arts and loved actually doing it even more. And swords too. Lyra always liked swords. Also guns. Guns were a must. And still are. Lyra was born an orphan, never knowing what happened to her parents. She left the orphanage at the age of 10, seeking out her parents and trying to collect information on them. Eventually she tracked down her auntie who informed her that Lyra’s mother died in childbirth and her father was driven insane by the loss, now locked up in an asylum. Shattered by this piece of information, Lyra left her auntie before she could protest and ended up living on the streets for four years after becoming lost. Lyra always kept on the move, not wanting to go back to the orphanage but also despising the streets she lived on.

After four years, Lyra accidentally caught sight of two reckless Sorcerers battling in a pub one night and soon learned of the secret magical subculture that existed all over the world. After losing the trail of the two Sorcerers, Lyra searched and studied and searched some more and soon she found a Mage willing to teach her magic (should she have any) as long as she stopped pestering him. Much to the Mage’s dismay, it turned out that Lyra did have magic and he was forced to help her learn Adept powers. After a year, the Mage abandoned her after she assured him that she no longer required assistance.

Now that she had learned magic, Lyra begun to age must slower and lived through many centuries, discovering along the way that she had been left a huge load of illegal weapons by her made grandfather. Unable to work out why she was left this, Lyra took them anyway. Now 66, Lyra Blue deals in magical and non-magical weapons, selling them to make a living and using them to kill her opponents.

Lyra is also a very advanced assassin when she wants to be, but will demand a high price from her employees.

Lyra currently is living in London.


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